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Song of the Siren by TheJenGenie Song of the Siren :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 9 15
Ordinary World (Chapter One)
Valerie Jaimison was nothing special; but then, they never are. She worked as a waitress in a restaurant that she couldn't afford to eat in, was paid minimum wage, and had no-one waiting for her when she got home to the tiny apartment awaiting her. Of course, she barely noticed, Valerie plodded on without so much as bothering to bat an eyelid at the snobby-nosed elderly women dressed in furs and feathers who seemed to speak to her as though she hadn't seen her fair share of highs and lows in her short life so far.
At the young, sweet age of twenty-six, Miss Jaimison had already seen herself lose both parents - that happened when she was fourteen, old enough to understand, but not enough to fend for herself - After that, she turned out on the streets, too stubborn to let herself see another person want to be her mother or father. It took her two years to find herself one lucky day in which she could grab a crappy job in a crappy cafe, and after that, she'd worked herself to the bone, "m
:iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 0 0
Anje by TheJenGenie Anje :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 0 6
Bloodshot Emerald Eyes
Cool metal clung to his jaws, bidding them stay together as he was flung into his chambers, forced to stay there and without his magic until judgement was passed by the All-Father. There were no bonds placed upon him spare one; the muzzle. It pained him constantly; with each movement under the metal jail something stuck in him, or pulled his jaws back tight. Slender fingers played with the gag, tracing the scabbed over bits of skin he had inflicted on himself while trying to pry the dreadful contraption from his jaws. The skin started peeling again, refreshing the newly scabbed skin with bulbs of blood that bloomed up over the already wounded features.
The marks of him trying to claw his way free would scar his features most likely without chance of even magic restoring his fine skin.
He could barely think in this state of near constant agony, it was such an awful thing to wear. He wanted to leave; he felt as though he had to leave, or else do something to ease the pain some. Hi
:iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 53 49
15. Love
I almost never go to sleep before him. It's not because I want to stay awake, nor is it because I can't sleep, I just take more time than him to really nod off.
So I lie there, our bodies touching almost everywhere, because he moulds his body around my figure until we're keeping each other warm, and our skin sticks together in every place it touches; my back and his chest, our thighs, my calves and his shins, our hands laced sweetly together and tucked into my chest, as close to my heart as I can manage them to become... Even his lips, soft and damp, sometimes, come to join whatever skin might be exposed on the back of my neck.
Until I feel my consciousness slip away, I listen to his steady breath, and feel the rise and fall of his body against mine. It helps most of the time; when I feel his slim body relax more and more and he's gripped by whatever dream takes hold in his mind. When that doesn't assist, it's only because I want his hold around me tighter, to feel my body sliding ever
:iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 0 10
Fly Like an Eagle by TheJenGenie Fly Like an Eagle :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 0 0
Story commission form
Character form:-
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Personality, brief description (eg. Intelligent/stupid, kind/cruel etc.):
Image (if available):
General story form:-
Fandom (eg. Supernatural, MLP etc.):
Pairing (if applicable):
Other characters (if second+ main characters, please fill in another character form):
Genre (eg. romance, adventure etc.):
Setting (if important to what you want):
Story length:
:iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 0 0
Pyramids by TheJenGenie Pyramids :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 1 0 Mare and Foal by TheJenGenie Mare and Foal :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 3 0 Love by TheJenGenie Love :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 2 5 Serperior - Commission by TheJenGenie Serperior - Commission :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 15 14 Lassie Collie Pups by TheJenGenie Lassie Collie Pups :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 4 8 Storm by TheJenGenie Storm :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 5 14 Kakashi - Line Art by TheJenGenie Kakashi - Line Art :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 2 3 Loki Vs. Loki by TheJenGenie Loki Vs. Loki :iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 9 11
Green Demon
"Stop! Stop it! Leave him alone! Please!" I kicked and screamed, held back by strong, muscled arms. It was unladylike to act so in public; like a child whose toy had been taken from them after they'd misbehaved. Little did I care for my reputation or appearance – I cared for the excrement in the sewers more than what others thought of me at the moment. I begged and pleaded, feeling beads of tears and sweat rolling down my cheeks and neck as I clawed at the man holding me back.
Breaking away from my tormenter briefly, I reached out my hand to touch the infant, my index finger grazing his nose gently before I was grabbed again, pulled back to where I had been held. I could still feel the place we'd touched, the pressure was different, cooler on my finger than anywhere else. I wanted to touch the spot with my lips. More tears rolled; thick and fast they coursed their way down my cheeks and neck until I could feel them running down my chest and into the folds of fabric in my clothing.
:iconthejengenie:TheJenGenie 0 0


Max by BlondeArtist29 Max :iconblondeartist29:BlondeArtist29 4 3 Free Wet Texture by BackgroundStore Free Wet Texture :iconbackgroundstore:BackgroundStore 87 8 Free Meadow at Night Background by BackgroundStore Free Meadow at Night Background :iconbackgroundstore:BackgroundStore 354 47 My little pony chibi models by chaobreeder16 My little pony chibi models :iconchaobreeder16:chaobreeder16 56 12 16 chibi hair linearts by epifaniaz 16 chibi hair linearts :iconepifaniaz:epifaniaz 654 11 Studio ghibli bottle cap fridge magnets by chaobreeder16 Studio ghibli bottle cap fridge magnets :iconchaobreeder16:chaobreeder16 72 10 pink and wood Custom box and template by epifaniaz pink and wood Custom box and template :iconepifaniaz:epifaniaz 388 9 Adoptable auction - Closed - by Netama Adoptable auction - Closed - :iconnetama:Netama 86 24 Adoptable - Closed - by Netama Adoptable - Closed - :iconnetama:Netama 169 12
How the World Ended
Let me tell you the story
of how the world ended.
Once upon a time
a man and woman
committed the crime
of being human.
Having many children
throughout the world
multiplied their sin
as love unfurled.
Let me tell you the story
of why the world ended.
Once upon a time
the whole world came
to commit the crime
of passing the blame.
Fingers pointing out
and never within
all because we doubt
our very own kin.
Let me tell you the story
of when the world ended.
Once upon a time
we were in a womb
long before the crime
of death took a tomb.
Unable to fight
against the horror
we birth into light
when none are poorer.
Let me tell you the story
of where the world ended.
Once upon a time
humans were so wrecked
to believe the crime
of being correct.
Land of ideals
warring to be best
where no one feels
we’ve failed the test.
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 81 16
Presence is the essence of atmosphere, which holds against the frigid grip of the void. With the power to control presence one could mold the perception of reality, taking truth and distorting it into a well-spun ideal. A white lie.
Many can learn this world-changing art form, but it takes a deity to implement it on a universal scale. The presence of such a powerful force could completely alter the course of reality, to where the very land itself molds into the ideal the master wishes to express. Fundamentally, the world is a mirror into the heart of its maker.
An infinitely powerful presence formed the Infinite World, but the reflection he saw eventually drove him away. Only two parts of him remain, acting as deities of infinitely separated domains, each representing their own polarized ideals. Without the mediation that the creator had provided, the power of these lingering forces threaten to reshape the Infinite World into a place of warring extremes, working against the original pu
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 82 3
Little plantern by Barbarian--Warrior Little plantern :iconbarbarian--warrior:Barbarian--Warrior 82 11



United Kingdom
I sketch, I write, I talk... Much the same as everyone else on DeviantART, to be honest. I upload drawings and ask for feedback, often to no avail.

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